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Bionx Smart Screw


screw.jpg A large percentage of our population may develop a bunion. Both men and women can develop bunions, although it appears that bunions are more commonly seen on women's feet. A bunion is a swelling or enlargement of the large toe joint on the inner side of the foot. The deformity usually develops gradually but continuously and this will cause pain from shoes rubbing against the enlarged bone. There may be swelling, redness and deep aching pain associated with the bunion joint, causing a bursitis. Bunions have a strong hereditary tendency to develop. It can develop from a weakness in the bone structure of your foot. Because of the instability of the bones and ligaments which form the various joints and arches in your foot, the joints have a tendency to move out of proper alignment. Treatment usually requires surgical intervention to correct the malalignment of the great toe. The latest advance in bunion surgery comes from the Bionx Implant Company. They have developed an absorbable screw. The screw is made of PGA, (Poly Glycolic Acid). It is broken down in the body in 12 months. The advantage with this is that the screw provides compression and allows early range of motion. It never has to be removed like a titanium screw.

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