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Endoscopic Surgery (Plantar Fasciitis Surgery and Ankle Arthroscopy)


Endosc.jpg An Endoscope is a tiny fiber optic camera. It allows the surgeon to make a tiny stab incision in the body and to visualize the anatomy without dissecting the surrounding anatomy. The camera is 4.0mm in diameter and has a light source which sound light down a fiber optic cable to illuminate the surgical site. It is visualized by the surgeon on an external monitor and is recorded on a VCR tape. Images are printed as color pictures during the surgery. It the endoscope is inserted in a joint it is then called an arthroscope.
Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy (EPF) is one of the surgeries used to treat severe strain of the plantar fascia. Plantar fasciitis is a common complaint of many heel spur syndrome patients. The plantar fascia is a dense fibrous band that is attached to the heel bone and can form a spur from the constant pulling and pressure. When the patient first steps out of bed it is the most painful step to take. The surgeon make a small stab incision on each side of the heel. The endoscope is inserted in the small opening via a cannula (tube). The inflamed plantar fascia is visualized. The fascia is then released from the heel bone. The surgical release immediately eliminates the inflammation area of the spur and normal foot function can resume. The procedure was developed by Dr. Stephen Barret and Dr. Stephen Day of Texas. Dr. Cozzarelli was trained by Dr. Barret in Hershey, Pennsylvania in November 1995. An ankle arthroscopy is a procedure where a tiny puncture is made on each side of the ankle. The fiber optic camera is inserted in the ankle. The most common complaint of patients with ankle pain is a diagnosis called Synovitis which is an inflammation of the synovial tissue. The ankle joint is lavaged with 3 liters of Sterile Saline. If any fibrous attachments or adhesions are visualized these are removed arthroscopically. There is usually a small stitch on each side of the ankle. Patients may resume normal activity in about 5 days.

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