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Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Dormier1.jpg ESWT stands for Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Therapy. It is a very simple non-surgical procedure. Lithotripsy, a similar procedure, is used regularly for breaking up and dispersing kidney stones. When Urologists reported that patients who had their kidney stones treated with Lithotripsy were presenting increased bone density and new tissue growth, the possibilities of Shock Wave therapy were revisited. As a result, ESWT was studied for chronic heel pain management resulting from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. An amazing 92% of patients were reported to be healed or dramatically improved following ESWT. (This data reflects the results of all patients in the study one year after only one treatment.) First and most important is to find the root of your pain and determine the best course of action. Your doctor will complete a thorough examination and will inform you of a diagnosis and what treatment is recommended. If ESWT is right for you, here's what you can expect: You lie back in a comfortable chair with your foot resting on a large fluid-filled rubber dome. The Mobile Center's staff will make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. Though not necessary, a local anesthesia is used for the procedure to ensure patient comfort. The procedure does not hurt. The equipment has a wide range of settings and penetration depths. This allows our doctors to fine tune the procedure to your individual diagnosis. Ultrasound will be used to view and target the damaged location. During the treatment all you will be aware of is a repetitive clicking sound as the pulses penetrate the center of your pain site at a rapid rate. What's most important is what's going on inside of your foot. The shock waves stimulate the diseased tissue, activating your body's natural healing process. Blood and oxygen rush to the site, activating a metabolic response that:

  • Fosters healing by the growth of new connective tissue. This is what is damaged and torn when you have plantar fasciitis and/or heel spur pain
  • Creates an analgesic effect which helps to reduce your pain immediately after the procedure
  • Stops the pain

FootOnMaching.jpg It's literally an amazing advance in medical science. All you do is lie back and relax, your doctor and the staff of Excellence Shock Wave Therapy will do the rest! The procedure only takes about a half hour to complete! This bears repeating because we know it's important to you. ESWT does not hurt. This is not a painful or invasive procedure. There is no cutting of skin. Since the procedure encourages blood flow to the area, you may experience some mild bruising or soreness. You may walk out with no pain at all, or you may feel pretty much the same. Never does your current condition get worse. That is why this procedure is so wonderful. If you have any concerns of a long drawn-out recovery cramping your style, you can forget that. From the first day, improvement is expected. The only thing that is individualized is how much, how soon. In some, the majority of the pain relief is immediate. In others, it gradually gets better from day one through the first six weeks. In others still, it gradually gets better from day one up to 12 weeks. But never is there any reason to put it off. With successful ESWT Therapy the pain and the causal condition will begin getting better immediately after the treatment. You do not need to plan time off from work or your life!


Please click here to read our ESWT brochure which contains answers to frequently asked questions.

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