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NEUROGENX can provide relief Peripheral Neuropathy

Commonly Asked Questions About This Treatment


There are many treatment course and people respond to neuropathy treatments in different ways. Our team provides a comprehensive program that includes advanced therapies to treat and rapidly resolve your nerve pain symptoms. We will design a plan tailor made for you.

What is Combination Electro-Analgesia Therapy

Combination Electro-Analgesia Therapy (CET) has been combined into a protocol that is showing the great promise as an effective treatment and solution for diabetic nerve pain and other forms of neuropathy.

CET consists of two combined procedures. The first is to carefully identify and block each of the specific nerved involved in your neuropathy with an anesthetic, B6 and B12. The second is an Electronic Signal Treatment (EST), delivered by a uniquely sophisticated electromedical wave generating device to specifically treat neuropathy and severe neuromuscular pain. CET is showing tremendous results in the immediate treatment of neuropathy symptoms and has positive overall long tem benefits in over 87% of patients with regression of their neuropathy symptoms.

What to Expect

Initially we will explore the history of your condition: when it started, how often you have it, how it affects your life and other pertinent questions pertaining to you. Then one of our specially-trained doctors will carefully examine your feet, ankle and legs for pain, numbness, burning, tingling, strength and range of motion.

Also included will be specific lab tests, neurosensory and circulatory testing, neve biopsies, and an evaluation of nutritional needs.

We will explain in detail our exclusive treatment protocol which may include advanced decompression procedure that we have been specifically traines to perform on our qualified patients. All to ensure that you have resolution for your nerve pain symptoms.

How Long Will it Take?

Our initial evaluation takes less than one hour.

Treatments take approximately 45 minutes.

The typical person with neuropathy requires 12-15 treatments.

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