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Pressure Specified Sensory Device (PSSD) Testing

Pressure Specified Sensory Device (PSSD) Testing™

pssd_unit.jpg This test is a painless method for the doctor to determine if a person's complaints or numbness or pain are due to compression (entrapment or pressure) of a nerve, injury to a nerve, or due to neuropathy. No needles or electrical shocks are used during the testing procedure. The PSSD can identify nerves that are causing: 1. Numbness, tingling, or pain in the fingers or toes. 2. Night time awakening from hand or foot problems. 3. Clumsiness, weakness or dropping things. 4. Heel pain or pain in the ball of the foot. Following surgery, the PSSD can identify painful nerves that are: 1. Failing to heal (continued degeneration) 2. Healing properly (regenerating) The PSSD is cleared for use the Food and Drug pssd_toe.jpg Administration of the United States Government and furthermore, it is approved by the National Institute for Standards and Testing. During the testing procedure, you are seated in a comfortable chair. The small blue PSSD is hand held by the person doing the testing, and the two small metal probes are touched gently to the skin area being tested. Published outcomes of neurosensory testing with the PSSD document that the PSSD offers the best hope to identify the source of your symptoms, to document the stage or degree of nerve compression or neuropathy, and to determine if your nerves are regenerating. There are risks, including identifying a problem which is not actually present, or failing to identify a problem that is present. Every neurosensory test relies upon the cooperation of the patient during the testing procedure, the ability of the person doing the testing, and the interpretation of the PSSD results by the doctor in terms of the entire context of your clinical history and physical examination. Only people certified by the two day formal training program in neurosensory testing with the Pressure Specified Sensory Device™ should do this testing.

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