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XI-Scan Imaging


Xi_scan.jpg It is also called a Mini-C-Arm and this is how it works. The foot is placed in the C-Arm and a pedal is depressed. Instantly an image appears on a monitor. The image then can be immediately printed digitally on a thermal printer. It takes the X-RAY Beam which is micro-focussed and this allows the bony image to be magnified up to five times its original size, without distortion or loss of detail. An advanced, high speed, on board computer processes the image in real time, giving an instant and accurate result. Xi-Scan displays high quality, real time and freeze frame images instantly which eliminates processing time and improves the results of bone setting. Surgically it lets you confirm the placement of screws or pains, thus reducing the Operative item for surgical procedures. Finally when one takes an X-RAY of bone, the bone is three dimensional. An X-RAY can only view one dimension at a time. The Xi-Scan, since it is moving picture X-RAY can view all dimensions of the bone in a very fast time. Therefore, a fracture can be missed on X-RAY but if viewed under Xi-Scan can be diagnosed promptly and accurately.

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