clearnails pro

ClearNails-pro+ is the most powerful restoring agent for discolored nails ever invented.

ClearNails-pro+ is an FDA-registered formula sold only by medical practitioners that, after topically applied, penetrates the nail.

The unique patented carrier system allows for penetration of both the nail bed and nail plate.  Topical application renders ClearNails-pro+ absolutely safe and with no toxicity.

What to Expect

Typically, the following will take place:

  1. Within the first several weeks of use, the toenail will show a clear border between the discolored and non-discolored portion.
  2. In the next several weeks, the toenail will begin to become thinner and feel healthier.
  3. At about the same time or soon thereafter, the toenail may start to show dark streaks. These streaks are evidence that ClearNails-pro+ is working.
  4. Over the next several months, the nail will appear clearer and clearer. The length of time this process takes is a function of how fast the nail grows.
  5. ClearNails-pro+ can be used on fingernails.

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